A good strategy is often inspired by proven business models and sets the stage for the successful implementation of a project. A great strategy considers how business best practices will be implemented consistent with unique local business environments, the intuitiveness and ease of implementation of specific solutions and future relevance of the technology deployed.

And while knowledge and experience are often adapted and reapplied, Keystone Technologies firmly believes that smart business decisions begin with a well thought-through plan, a thorough understanding of the key factors influencing the plan and that all these will continually evolve over time. There is no silver bullet.

We provide professional consultancy in the following business areas:

Territorial Business Management Consultancy

Market entry strategy formulation

Branding, marketing and product launch

Procurement strategies and transparency framework

Technology Management Consultancy

Technology development road map
Intellectual property consultancy, application and monitoring
Innovation engineering through social network and structural holes

Security Management Consultancy

Security of city and protection of critical installations

Security audit, vulnerability assessment and mitigation plan

Security and paramilitary force training modules, simulators and software

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